Come Walk In The Fynbos With Me

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The fynbos sits on just a thin sliver of land along the southern coast of South Africa, but with its strange and wonderful biodiversity (and its ability to withstand terrible fires), it may just be the mightiest floral region in the world. In this book, a child and adult set off to walk in what appears to be a dull scrub land nestled in the dry landscape. They cross the paths of birds, bugs, snakes and animals that inhabit and help sustain the fynbos. Walk with them in this remote wildflower kingdom–a place few will visit but, through this book, many may come to love.

In May, I was delighted to hear that Come Walk in the Fynbos With Me won the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award for picture books 6 years and up. It was also a finalist for the 2019 Eric Hoffer Book Award for children’s picture books.

NGIBA 2018 Winner HiRes RV              Hoffer Finalist

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Come Walk In The Fynbos With Me