Susan Schadler

After many years as an international economist at the IMF…I remain an economist and more. As an economist, you get something in your blood that makes you want to understand and explain in clear language why things happen—why people make the choices they do, how institutions mold our decisions, and how the forces of self-interest and political pressures must be understood and addressed to create stable societies. Like most economists, I get caught up in such questions, and they drive my work and writing. Recently I added a new layer to my writing. After hiking all over the southern coast of Africa I wrote a children’s picture book “Come Walk in the Fynbos with me”. I guess what motivated me here was the sheer joy of opening the fynbos to people–and especially children–beyond the small cadre of South African hikers who know and love the fynbos.

Linking such disparate pursuits in one website isn’t easy. Click the links above and perhaps you will see some intrinsic rhyme and reason in my work.